Management (ERP)

Enterprise Management System

When you need consolidated management software which has flexibility, customizability and processes customization, screens and reports that allows you to eliminate parallel controls in spreadsheets and increase your productivity... this software is Domus ERP. Improve your level of management, reducing costs and eliminating operational errors.

Some of the segments in which we have extensive experience:

  • Wholesale and Distribution
  • E-commerce
  • Multimarket
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AnyMarket was created and developed by DB1 to fill a need in the eCommerce space. It’s a smarthub that integrates eCommerces and the main marketplaces in Brazil. With AnyMarket, the store owner creates his ad only once and AnyMarket automatically spreads it across the largest marketplaces.

  • With AnyMarket, the store owner creates his ad only once and AnyMarket automatically spreads it across the largest marketplaces.
  • Therefore it is possible to follow the sales growth, order and inventory in one single platform.
  • Saving time and resources!
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Software Components and Applications

Work focused on quality brought as result of projects some products (software components and applications) that meet the various needs in several segments and are commercialized:

  • System for the issuance of electronic invoice
    NF-e / CT-e / NFC-e / NFS-e / with high performance in transaction volume and integrated to your ERP
  • EDIG - Management system of legal obligations (principal and accessory) imposed by the SPED legislation
  • Report Gear - Report Generator (Desktop / Web), easy to configure by users without programming knowledge
  • Low cost off-line database replication component and optimum performance
  • Corporate Messenger for instant audited messages.
  • System for opening technical calls, as simple to operate as Facebook
  • Anymarket - Software for integration of ERP platforms and Marketplaces
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Software and Outsourcing

Software and Outsourcing Factory

DB1 IT Services is the unit responsible for software development projects in accordance with the customer's need. We operate in Outsourcing or Software Factory model, strongly supported in Project Management, which significantly reduces rework index and ensures on-time deliveries.

Global Software DB1 is part of a selected group of companies with CMMI-3 certification and it already pursuits to obtain CMMI-5.

  • CMMI-3 - Effective management of projects and quality in deliveries
  • Five consecutive years elected as a "Great Place to Work" - quality in talent management and guarantee qualified resources in your project
  • Project Management (PMBOK and Scrum) and index above 80% of on-time delivery
  • Proposals in hours per function point, competitive prices and factory located in the interior of Brazil and India.
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Software for


Software for Municipal Management of Health

DB1 Global Software has developed the Health Card System in the city of Maringa, which allows users and health professionals to access information (in real time) about the patient and it gives conditions to the managers perform professional management of cities' Health Department activities.

  • Access to exam results, Vaccination Card and medical history
  • Reduces the number of open records for the same patient
  • It is safe and confidential, only the professionals in the network and the user have access to personal data
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Management System for Access to Payroll Loans

Management System for Access to Payroll Loans(ConsigNet)

ConsigNet is a consolidated product that safely and reliably controls payroll loans made by financial institutions to corporate employees, eliminating HR team work to manage the process, ensuring security for the employee and giving agility to the process as a whole. The system is integrated with the company payroll system.

  • Make possible cheaper loans for employees of your company without increasing the HR team work
  • Reliability, control and security. Simplify agreements management with direct discounts on payroll
  • Eliminate risk of excessive indebtedness of employees and fraud
  • Reduce time spent on financial closings
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At DB1 Global Software there are people who believe to be responsible and to have influence in everything that happens around them (locus of control). People who invest in professional and personal growth, so that they can be happy and fulfilled. We are dissatisfied with the status quo.

Everything can be improved, even if we don't know how to do it yet. Our history is and will be recognized for the quality of offered products and services, by the satisfaction of our clients, employees and shareholders. We built and will continue to build our history guided by the transparency of relationships, trust and credibility of our attitudes.

At DB1 Global Software we believe we are building a company that will exist for generations and will provide prosperity to everyone who participates in this construction, are customers, employees, shareholders and especially the community where we live.



To Be one of the 10 largest IT groups in Brazil in Ebitda until 2020.


  • Customer Focus. Commitment to the client's business;
  • Timely service;
  • Achievement of targets and deadlines;
  • Quality of products and services;
  • Professional satisfaction of our employees;
  • Pursuit of excellence through constant technical and behavioral training of employees.

Focus on Actions

DB1 Global Software fields of work

Operational areas


  • Quality and Excellence in People Management

  • Paraná Quality Award in Management


  • Rio info 2009

  • Brazilian Institute of Quality and Productivity

  • Social responsibility award

  • In the list of Brazil's largest companies

    In the list of Brazil's largest companies

  • One of the 10 fastest growing companies in Brazil

    One of the 10 fastest growing companies in Brazil

  • Softex - MpsBr nível A

    Softex - MpsBr nível A

  • Movimento Nacional ODS

    Movimento em prol dos Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável

Customer Stories


  • CMMI
    Capability Maturity
    Model Integration

    Aplicação desenvolvida
    para ambientes de
    alta disponibilidade

  • OCP
    Oracle Certified

  • BCP
    Borland Certified

  • JCD
    Java Certified

  • PMP
    Project Manager

  • Scrum Master


Support for Startup

DB1 invests in new entrepreneurs or internal employees to speed up ideas and projects wishing to become global, through financial investment, structuring and mentoring. Bring your project to DB1.

  • Co working Space
  • Administrative, accounting and legal support
  • Shared infrastructure and low cost
  • Internal Mentorship and people in the enterprise networking
  • Software Factory to develop new features on your MVP or implement your idea
  • Wingspan to climb big business
  • Access to new markets
DB1 Structure
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DB1 Structure

Management System for Churches (Gilead): Software for Churches and Cell Management. It allows the control of members, members' progress, events, and financial integration with accounting and SPEDs.

Livestock Management System (Hectus): Software for management of farms over 500 animals that want strong herd control, costs, average daily gain (ADG) and profitability of the process of Birth, Rearing, Fattening in any production system (extensive, semi-extensive or confinement) and dairy farming.




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